Warrior Women Self-Defense

woman being stalked

Violence against women includes assault, robbery, abduction, exploitation and rape. Violence against women cuts across all boundaries of age, race, and culture. Anyone woman can be targeted, and the perpetrator can be a stranger or an acquaintance.

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Research proves women who are trained in self-defense are less likely to be targeted as a victim, and are more likely to get away if they are. Warrior Women Self-Defense classes and workshops empower women and teenage girls by teaching them how predators operate, skills to deter predators, and physical self-defense techniques in the event a physically violent situation can’t be avoided.

woman defending herself

The Warrior Women self-defense curriculum is:

  • Reality Based
    The assault risk awareness and physical self-defense techniques are based on the dynamics of the crimes in which women are most frequently victims. Our training encompasses Aawareness includes the tactics used by both asocial and social predators to target their victims. The physical self-defense techniques are chosen from an array of martial arts based on their simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Focused on the Essentials
    Learning how to effectively physically defend yourself does not require years of training in martial arts. The critical combination of concepts, targets, and techniques that can save your life can be learned in 8 hours.
  • Designed to be Taught by Women
    Female lead instructors provide a positive female leadership role model, which is an important aspect of women’s empowerment. Male co-instructors provide realistic attacker size and strength for ensuring techniques are effectively executed.

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